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Eye disorders can make one's life uncomfortable and lead to various vision complications if not treated on time. Our optometry professional recommends regular eye checkups for early detection and treatment of such conditions. At JJ's Discount Eyewear, we offer a wide range of eye care services to patients in and around the Oneonta area.

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Eye Care Treatment Process

During your annual eye exam, we will examine your eyes for disorders, diagnose them, and offer treatment plans depending on the type of defect. Our treatment options may involve prescribing glasses or contacts for your condition. We may also offer other optical aids and therapeutic medication that help in the treatment of eye conditions. Our eye care expert can also identify health conditions that affect eye health, such as thyroid problems and diabetes.

Our eye care services offer patients advice on how to take proper care of their eyes. People working in environments with a strong light that may affect their eyes should observe eye safety, such as using protective glasses. 

If you are exposed to strong rays of the sun for long durations, it is essential to protect your eyes with sunglasses. Individuals with vision-related reading problems should visit our optometry facility to have their eyes examined for effective treatment.

Once you have been given glasses or lenses, we will provide you with insight into using and taking care of them for long-lasting effectiveness. It is vital to regulate the amount of time you spend starring at screens to protect your eyes from too much exposure to blue light. Our optical department offers fashion eyeglass frames and ideal lens coatings that suit individual needs.

What to Expect from a Consultation with Our Optometry Specialist

When you visit our facility, an optometrist will carry out an eye examination to rule out all common eye defects such as cataracts and glaucoma. We also measure your eye coordination and movement. Suppose you have received treatment in another facility. In that case, it is vital to have your case history as it helps the optometrist understand your condition better and whether it is a problem that has occurred for the first time or recurrent.

Detection of Eye Conditions

Our facility is well-equipped with all kinds of modern equipment needed for successful eye defect treatments. Our eye care services aim to promote your vision safety to make your life comfortable at home, school, work, or in sports. Some eye conditions require surgery, and in such cases, a patient is referred to a physician who deals with eye surgeries.

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If you have any eye problems, we are available to offer you our quality eye care services. At JJ's Discount Eyewear, we offer a wide range of vision treatment options and referrals for surgery when needed. Our team is committed to providing our patients the eye care they need to maintain optimal vision. You can reach us at to book an appointment with our experienced staff today. 

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