Choosing The Right Glasses

Choosing the right eyeglasses is an exciting moment. It's time to make a decision that will affect your look for up to two years, and at the same time, your eye exam will ensure that your eyes are safe from sight-threatening diseases like cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration. One of the most important things you can do for yourself is to make sure you get an eye exam every year and update your glasses at least every two years. If you're shopping for frames or sunglasses in Oneonta, our team at JJ's Discount Eyewear will ensure that you get the look you need.

choosing right glasses

Your Eye Exam

Because most eye diseases have no symptoms in their early stages, your full-service eye exam at JJ's Discount Eyewear will ensure that the most common eye diseases are detected before they can damage your eyes. In many cases, even if glaucoma produces changes in vision, the person with the disease will assume that their vision changes are due to the normal effects of aging, and not a dangerous eye disease that could cause permanent damage to their eyesight.

Once your eye exam is complete, you'll receive a new prescription, and if necessary, a treatment plan. Your prescription is the key to getting eyeglasses that not only flatter your face but also provide crystal-clear 20/20 vision, protecting you and helping you move around with perfect acuity.

Designer Eyeglasses

If the only thing that mattered about your eyeglasses was their practicality, everyone would wear the same lenses. However, your eyeglasses also frame your eyes, and every face looks best in a different pair of glasses. Your optometrist's goal is not just to perfect your vision but also to help you make a statement every time someone looks at your face.

Benefits of Eyeglasses

There are many reasons to choose glasses over eye surgery or contacts. Many people love the classic look that glasses give them, and the wide range of designer options and prescription lenses available will fine-tune your look for the best effect. Additionally, glasses provide better protection for the eyes compared to contacts, especially against illnesses that can be transmitted through the mucus membranes surrounding and moisturizing the eyes.

Get Your Eyeglasses at JJ's Discount Eyewear

JJ's Discount Eyewear offers the best prices and the best service in Oneonta, AL. We'll make sure that every pair of eyes has the right frames at the right price. We work with all major insurance providers and strive to provide the best experience for you with every pair and every visit.

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