Computer Vision FAQs

Do you work at a computer all day? At the end of the day, your eyes may hurt. This is caused by a condition that some refer to as computer vision.

A quality eye exam is a way to know for sure if your eyes are showing signs of damage, injury, or disease. At JJ's Discount Eyewear, we offer eye care and eyewear such as glasses. It can be important to take care of your eyes and receive proper eye care from an eye doctor serving Onenota, AL, and Blount County, AL.


Some eye doctors prescribe either eyeglasses or contacts to help with computer vision, depending on your preferences or needs. Not everyone can wear contacts due to allergies, near-sightedness, astigmatism, farsightedness, and computer-related problems. These refractive conditions make it uncomfortable and almost intolerable for contact wearers.

Can Computer Use Damage My Eyes?

Yes, computer damage is common for people who sit or work on a computer. Digital eye strain can cause headaches, blurred vision, dry eyes and fatigue. In most cases, if you already have eye problems or wear eye glasses, sitting in front of a computer screen can worsen your vision.

At JJs Discount Eyewear, we serve patients with a need to see the world clearly. Vision testing requires comprehensive testing, diagnosis and treatment plans, if needed. A thorough and effective treatment plan can treat and prevent most diseases of the eye.

Can an Eye Doctor Check for Other Problems with My Eyes?

We can also check your eyes for glaucoma, cataracts, and macular degeneration disease. Any of these serious eye conditions can be reasons why you might not be able to wear contacts. You may also mistake symptoms of these eye diseases for computer vision.

Can Contact Lenses Help with Computer Vision?

Yes, there are certain contact lenses that can help with computer vision. These are called blue light blocking lenses. They can help filter our blue light to help make sure your can get through your work day with comfortable eyes.

Get Computer Vision Eye Glasses and Contacts from Our Eye Doctor

When your eyes start giving you problems after a long day behind a computer, sometimes over-the-counter eyedrops might not be enough. We can help you get relief from the pain and irritation in your eyes, and see the things around you clearly with the help of eye glasses or contacts.

We can examine your eyes, and fit you for contacts or glasses that can help filter our blue light. Give our office a call at (205) 353-7732. We are here to answer questions you may have with the help of an eye exam. We at JJs Discount Eyewear serving Oneonta, AL, and Blount County, AL, are here to help. Ask us about our eyeglasses.

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