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Your search for qualified eyecare specialists in Oneonta, AL, ends here. We at JJ's Discount Eyewear are here to help you with your eye care and eyewear needs. If you are in need of an eye exam, eyeglasses, frames, or an optical store in or around Oneonta, we are for you. We at JJ’s Discount Eyewear know just how important your vision is to you and we are here to provide you with the eye care you may need to preserve your eye health.

Our Team at JJ’s Optical Store in Oneonta, Al

Jeff Lackey is a certified optician and is here to help you get the eyewear or eye care that you need. He is supported by the capable hands of Dr. Karen McDowell, who heads our optometry team and coordinates our eye care efforts. 

We can provide a variety of services including eye exams and eyeglasses to help you and your family see better.

JJ’s Service

In the Oneonta, AL area, we will take your routine of eye check-ups or eye exams seriously. Our optometrist, Dr. McDowell, provides eye exams in our Oneonta, AL, office. 

Our Oneonta, AL, patients receive the eye care they may need at JJ’s Discount Eyewear. 

Eye exams can be important because they allow us to help detect various eye diseases early that you might not know you have. One example is glaucoma. Patients who are senior have an increased likelihood of developing this eye disease and they may suffer from it without even knowing it. The unfortunate thing is that by the time you notice changes in your vision because of glaucoma, permanent eye damage might have already been done. Eye exams can catch glaucoma early so you can get treatment for it before you lose eyesight because of it.

Eye exams and routine eye care visits can also help keep your prescription up to date. If you want new frames, or are getting your first ones, our optician can help you select the right ones for comfort and for style.

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Visit us at JJ’s Discount Eyewear for the eye wear and eye care that you need. We are here to help make sure that you see clearly so that you can get fulfil your responsibilities without interruption. We know how annoying and detrimental poor eyesight can be so we are here at our Oneonta, AL, office to help you get back to your life. Call us at (205) 353-7732 for more information.

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